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Annandale Millwork Corporation was founded in 1952 by William C. Frogale to sell custom and stock millwork to residential builders and is now run by his sons, Rob and Gene Frogale. In 1989, at the urging of one of their top customers, the Frogales founded Allied Systems Corporation to produce building components.

A true innovator, William developed and distributed the first pre-hung door unit In Washington metro area. Prior to that, door units were produced virtually by hand on the jobsite. Builders benefited from William's ingenuity with savings in both time and money, cutting the time it takes to produce a door unit by 90 percent. Distributing the door units in the Washington D.C. metro area catapulted Annandale Millwork, now known as Annandale Millwork/Allied Systems, to the forefront of the industry.

Innovation has been an important aspect of the company culture, and the company is carrying on in that same vein. With top-notch machinery and systems and a history in the industry, the company has seen tremendous growth over the past few years.

As building components such as roof trusses, wall panels and floor systems have moved from being field built by on-site carpenters to being created in manufacturing plants such as ours, the construction process has shifted from builders to subcontractors and manufacturers. This trend has created a significant niche growth industry within the building construction business and Allied Systems/Annandale Millwork is strategically positioned as a leader of this fast-growing segment of the industry.


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